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Frequently asked questions...

Are gift vouchers available?
Gift vouchers can be bought locally during opening hours (3100 St. Pölten, Bimbo Binder Promenade 15). You can choose the value of the gift coupon yourself. The gift coupon can be used for Lasertron, Bowling, Billard and Catering at the location "NXP Lasertron" in St. Pölten.

Can I get the gift vouchers elsewhere?
Alternatively you can get the "NXP-Gutschein" at the ticket agency These vouchers are treated as cash.

Who can play Lasertron?
You have to be at least 7 years old and 1,10m (3.6ft) tall to play. Lasertron is a physically demanding game which requires a certain degree of fitness and health. Drunken people are not allowed to play. We will start the game only if at least four people show up for the game. We recommend booking in advance for free on!

Do I need special clothing to play Lasertron?
Lasertron means constant movement that's why sturdy footwear is important (flat shoes, no heels, no flip-flops, etc.). There's no dresscode but we recommend taking off coats, sweaters, etc. Most players come back sweaty. :-)

Do I need safety goggles? Is the laser dangerous?
Lasertron is not dangerous at all. The laser beam cannot harm you, that's why you don't need any safety goggles or similar. During the game there's a referee in the arena who keeps in check if you play by the rules.

How can I book a game?
You can only book a game through our online reservation calender on our homepage You can book there 24/7, you just need a valid email-adress where we send you a confirmation link. Only after you click the link the reservation will be valid and you get another email with confirmation and details on your reservation.

Why is it better to book online than by telephone or e-mail?
There are some organizational reasons. If you book online you are not dependent on our opening hours and you immediately see at which time and for how many people booking is available. Additionally we need some information from you which you can submit easily via our online-tool.

I had a problem booking via the online calender!
Please be sure you chose the right date and time in the timetable. On the left side of the browser you can see the chosen games. There always has to be a 30 minutes break after every game! By clicking the "Buchen" button you get to a form which you have to read and fill out completely. You get an email from our server with a confirmation link you have to click. If you don't click the link within 30 minutes the reservation gets canceled automatically. If you don't get the mail please check your spam folder or try a different email-adress. After a successful reservation you get another confirmation mail.

I've booked a game but now something's changed. What do I do?
After you've booked correctly you get a confirmation mail with a link to delete the reservation. If you want to change the date, time or amount of players please first delete the reservation and then make a new one.

Alternatively you can change the time and amount of players yourself if you have played here before. With your ticked-ID or your email-adress and your password you can login to the calender and edit your reservation. For logged in players these changes are immediate and don't need another confirmation mail.

What if more or less people than booked come to play?
If you for example booked for ten people then there are ten vests reserved for you. If more than ten people come to play they can play with you without a problem as long as there are spots left. If you are only a few less then that's ok. If you book for ten but only four show up it's very rude to other guests because you stole their spots.

I want to book an "All-You-Can-Play"-Session. How do I do that?
For technical and organizational reasons you can only book three games in one session at most (Triple-Session). If you want to book more than three games you can do this by making a second reservation.

Why is it forbidden to bring my own food and drinks?
We are an Entertainment-Center with food and beverage service so please understand that food and drinks you brought yourself are prohibited. If you booked a birthday party you can bring your own cake, of course!

Are there discounts (for groups)?
You can find all prices and discounts on our website Please bear in mind that to be fair we offer every customer the same prices and discounts - prices cannot be negotiated individually. We can offer you individual packages though, if you are a bigger group, play several games and/or wish for our catering services! Especially for bigger groups there are many possibilities for a perfect event. Please send your requests to!

Why do I have to be there 30 minutes before the game starts?
We sometimes expect up to 40 players for a game which takes some time to cash-in and check-in. The check-in-process doesn't take long and is done by every player individually at a terminal (computer). There they have to provide certain information, like their player-name, etc. and read and confirm the house rules and AGB. 30 minutes before a game starts casual customers can book their spots. The check-in-process ends several minutes before the game starts so please be on time! :-)

Can we choose which team we want to play in?
The teams are chosen randomly by the game computer. This is to ensure that the teams are equal and everybody has a fair chance to win. If you book a "Lock-In" with your group you can choose the play mode and arrange the players individually. For more information about the "Lock-In" mode look on our homepage!

What do you have to keep in mind when playing Lasertron?
Lasertron is an exciting and physically demanding game. To take part in the game everybody has to accept the house rules and the sport rules. You have to be extra cautious if you have heart, back or joint problems, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy or other impairments to health. The detailed house rules can be found under "AGBs" in the reservation calender.